You Want a Product that Holds up in all Weather Types, and Here is Why Metal is the Best Option

roofing in Santa Clara, CA

Investing in roofing in Santa Clara, CA, is one way to help improve your home’s value and add structural integrity to your home that will help it last longer. Picking metal is your material choice has multiple benefits, including its ability to stand up and be long lasting even in extreme weather. There are several different circumstances where metal roofs perform well, and we have it all here for you in this article.

Strong Winds

High winds can occur at any time of the year, and they can cause destruction no matter where they go. When you’re dealing with materials like shingles, they are more vulnerable to high wind situations because it can lead to breaking or completely losing sections. Metal roofs have a design that interlocks the pieces, making them stand up well in strong wind gusts. The standard for metal roofing can withstand gusts of up to 140 mph or more, depending on their design and installation.

High Heat

If you are dealing with an area that has high heat, this can cause anything that comes in contact with it to fade and break down more quickly. It can deteriorate standard types of roofing material, and it decreases the level of energy efficiency that your home has because they absorb the rays. Metal roofing is one of the best options in these circumstances because they do not absorb the rays, which will keep your home cooler, meaning lower utility bills each month.


Rain is another concern that some people have, and if it begins to pull or build up and there are any cracks or leaks in the roof, this can get into the home and cause destruction through rotting in the walls. Metal roofs are one of the best options because of their interlocking design. This prevents the water from getting between the gaps more easily than a traditional shingle.

Snow and Ice

Snow and ice build-up can also be concerning, and once the snow starts coming down, it will build up on the roof, which can cause extreme weight on the structure. A metal roof design makes it easy for any snow to slide off the space, meaning less worry about a potential collapse.

If you are dealing with a hailstorm, this can cause denting and impacts on the material, but metal roofs are impact-resistant and known for holding up well during hailstorms. Of all the products on the market, metal roofs have the highest level of protection from impacts.

roofing in Santa Clara, CA

Exceptional Products and a Trusted Name

As you can see, metal roofs offer excellent durability in severe weather and if you are looking for new roofing in Santa Clara, CA, let our professional team help you through the process. We are a locally owned and trusted name and have over 10,000 roofs installed successfully. We offer a stone-coated system and would love to help you through the process from start to finish, so contact us today for more information.

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