Is a Metal Roof the Right Choice?

metal roofing in Santa Clara, CA

One part of being a homeowner is investing in products and materials that you know will raise the overall value of the home and keep it in the best condition possible. When it comes to metal roofing in Santa Clara, CA, it can be confusing to know if it’s the right choice if you’ve never had it before. There are a few things to consider before deciding, so here is more information on metal roofs.


One thing that makes a metal roof stand out from other products on the market is how lightweight the material is. This is important because the heavier the material, the more weight that will be on the structural integrity of your home and the roof supports, which can lead to damage over time If they are too heavy.


Metal roofs are also known for being incredibly durable. They hold up well against external elements, which means less damage and replacement and more money in your pocket over time.


The durability of the metal roof means that you’re going to have a product that will last for decades. In most cases, a metal roof can last anywhere from 40 to 70 years compared to other products that generally only stay functional for 15 to 20.

Minimal Maintenance

Unless you live in an area where there are a lot of projectiles or heavy hailstorms, your metal roof will require very little maintenance over the years. The material can come in different thicknesses and gauges, and by choosing a heavier gauge, you can promote low maintenance even more.

Easy Installation

Installation is another thing to consider when putting on a new roof. The more accessible and more quickly installing the material, the less money it is out of your pocket for labor costs.

Insulation Properties

Even with a basic metal roof, it will help reflect UV rays which means more energy savings on your monthly bills. The metal itself doesn’t have the best insulation properties, but you can combine it with insulation to help create a functional and practical option.


If sustainability is a concern, it’s good to know that metal roofing can contain up to 95% of recycled materials in most cases. They make one of the eco-friendlier options on the market because it can also be recycled once it needs to be replaced.

metal roofing in Santa Clara, CA


One of the last things that make metal roofs a great option is their versatility. You can get the materials in a large variety of colors and styles, so you know that it’s going to match the aesthetics of your home.

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