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How Do I Choose A Good Roofing Contractor?

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If you’re looking for an excellent metal roofing contractor in the Santa Clara area for your metal roofing installation, then you already understand just how good an option that metal roofing is. Whether you’re in Santa Clara, the main city of San Jose, or any of the other local communities, you can enjoy the full range of positives that this type of roof materials. Why settle for a type of roofing that is more likely to wear out or break down over time? Good metal roofing comes with all the design and color options you would need in order to fit in with virtually any type of architecture in this popular Silicon Valley region. While asphalt and ceramic tiling are often popular choices, and some people still go with other products like wood or bamboo, none of them can hold a candle when it comes to metal roofing. This type of roofing can be made from a variety of different metals but there’s no question that Santa Clara homeowners love the galvanized steel tiling for their shingles.

Matching Up the Best Styles & Colors for Metal Roofing

One of the major positives of going with a metal roofing contractor in Santa Clara over a general contractor is the sheer amount of roofing options you have between the various styles and colors offered when looking at the metal over other options. There are a variety of different styles that metal roofing comes in. Mediterranean tiles, regular shingles, or a variety of other roofing types are available meaning that there is almost certainly a design that will perfectly fit the architecture of whatever style your home follows. From Mediterranean villa to basic but nice residential metal roofing, you won’t have a problem finding the perfect match – which can often be an issue with other building materials that might be more limited in their flexibility.

The color selection is what amazes a lot of people for their roof replacement. Any Santa Clara metal roofing contractor should be able to offer you a wide range of options starting from basic popular ones like basic birch, basic slate, and terra cotta to more exotic and unique choices such as deep blue, sage green, or Barcelona red. There are over 20 different color choices that cover a broad range of shades and each of these can be made available on good metal roofing. This combination gives you the option of having metal roofing that either sticks out (in a good way) or helps to blend in seamlessly, which is especially important if that’s what the local Home Owner’s Association demands.

Durability Makes Metal Roofing King

Asphalt, bamboo, and ceramic roofing product are popular choices but these are only going to last for so long. Just as with the traditional wood options, even treated wood shingles, tend to fade in color and wear down over time. Virtually none will make claims of lasting several decades and many times maintenance is required along the way. However when you take the smart move of contacting a metal roofing contractor from Santa Clara you are getting metal roofing that has been shown to last an amazing five or even six decades in some cases.

The galvanized steel is treated with a protective layer of zinc in most cases, and in layman’s terms, this basically means that this kind of metal roof installed is more resistant to a wider range of weather and climate changes. It can handle storms, droughts, frigid winter temperatures, or scorching summers. This strong resistance makes metal roofing king compared to its competitors. In fact, many of the technical specs brag about the durability of this roofing to hold up against hailstorms, winds of up to 120 miles per hour, being weatherproof, and metal roofing doesn’t burn. That takes care of many of the worst weather calamities that northern California can throw at your home.

Asphalt roofing is one of the most common competitors to metal roofing, and while it can be popular with many homeowners it has many disadvantages that you don’t have to worry about if you go with a Santa Clara metal roofing contractor. Asphalt roof panels can curl, split, or even mold. While this may take years, there are times where this happens in as little as one year. Given strong enough hail or fire, asphalt can be damaged or destroyed. While it’s not as expensive as metal roofing upfront, it needs to be replaced every one to two decades and over time will be far more expensive, and that’s without taking into consideration things like freak storms or unforeseen damage.

What Are Some of the Other Benefits of Metal Roofing?

When it comes to finding the perfect residential roofing, understanding the full benefits is important. Aside from the positive attributes already mentioned like an impressive variety and extreme durability, there are many others that can’t be ignored. Just a quick bullet point list of great benefits includes:

  • Metal roofing is often made from recycled materials
  • Excellent durability
  • Strong wind, fire, and water resistance
  • Helps keep homes cooler
  • Strongly increases value of the home
  • Excellent warranty
  • Replaced metal roofing is often recycled for future use
  • Cost effective over the long run

The Obvious Negative

There are not a lot of negatives to hiring a metal roofing specialist in Santa Clara. In fact only one thing comes up consistently and that’s the issue of pricing. Up front metal roofing often looks considerably more expensive than the alternatives, and that is an accurate observation. However it’s also important to note that in the long run metal roofing actually becomes the much better investment. It’s very possible that good metal roofing will last fifty years, while an asphalt roof will need to be replaced four or five times during that same time period. This isn’t even considering the rising prices you would see during those decades or the money saved from energy efficiency.

While up front it may seem a little bit harder to put the money together it is the better deal and smart homeowners thinking long term would go with the Santa Clara metal roofing specialists.

Metal Roofing FAQs

Is Lightning Drawn to a Metal Roof?

No, lighting is not drawn to metal roofs. They can actually give your house additional protection from lightning strikes because they are non-combustible. To disperse any electrical charge, it is recommended to have adequate grounding, though. Visit our FAQs page for more answers.

For Maintenance Purposes, Is It Safe to Walk on a Metal Roof?

Certainly, you can walk on metal roofs without much risk, but you should still be careful to prevent damage. For advice on walking and doing maintenance on your particular metal roof, speak with a roofing specialist.

Is It Possible to Attach a Metal Roof Over My Current Shingles?

No, metal roofs do not rust easily. Although steel can rust over time, modern metal roofing materials are coated with corrosion-resistant finishes, such as zinc or aluminum. The risk of rusting can be greatly decreased with routine maintenance and selecting high-quality coatings.
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