Why a Metal Roof is More Eco-Friendly

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You might be wondering how a metal roof can contribute to being eco-friendly, so it’s imperative when you are looking at roofing contractors in Santa Clara, CA, you know who you are working with. You may have never considered that your roof could be a beneficial factor and understanding other ways you can help contribute to more green choices can make a difference.

Traditionally most homes will have asphalt shingles. The shingles have very little to almost no environmentally friendly features about them, and they only last up to 15 years. Even with the movement for companies to become more sustainable, millions of tons of waste just from roofs end up in a landfill. There are some situations they might be recyclable, but it is up to the company to take responsibility.

Why Metal Roofs are the Best Choice

There are multiple reasons why metal roofs are the best choice for homes:


Tiles or slates can last around 50 years but generally won’t get recycled. However, a metal roof can last up to 100 years or more depending on the material, installation, and treatments. This means that the longer the product lasts, The less waste will be going into a landfill.


The second reason why metal roofs are the best choice is that they are repairable instead of other materials that will most likely need replacing if they are damaged. Metal roofs require fewer inspections, and in most situations, no replacement is necessary. If there is some damage from inclement weather and a hole in it, it can be repaired easily.


One of the best things about the metal roof is the material. Even with a wood roof, in most cases, these are treated with harsh chemicals that can’t be recycled, or with asphalt, if the temperature gets too high, it can release toxic fumes. This makes the metal roof a great choice for recyclability overall; it can be reused and turned into another product.

Installation, Solar Use, and Other Considerations

The metal roof can be installed on top of any other roof the home already has, which means less waste because the old material isn’t being thrown away. In addition, another great advantage is solar panels can be attached to the metal, and their insulation properties work to help lower your monthly bills.

Metal roofs are lighter than other materials that may need transportation to the job site, reducing pollution while in transport. Also, its lightweight can help create longevity in your home by having less pressure on your home structure and walls to lessen or prevent breakdown over time.

Doing it Right the First Time 

There are many reasons why a metal roof is the best choice for your home, and Cal-Pac Roofing specializes in this area. We are the longest-running roofing contractors in Santa Clara, CA, and understand what expert care looks like. We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality customer service and products on the market, so give us a call today to get started.

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