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Finding Your Steel Roofing Contractor in San Jose, CA

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Finding the ideal roofing is never an easy task, and even in a beautiful area like San Jose, California, you need to find high quality roofing that does the job and holds up to the toughest of conditions. Whether it’s the beating sun and stifling temperatures during a particularly harsh summer, handling pouring rain, or anything in between, you need to make sure your tiling will hold up and still look good over the long run. While it’s all good and well to talk about roofing in general, there’s no question that you want to know how any specific type of roofing is going to do in your location. Finding a good metal roofing contractor in San Jose starts with understanding why metal roofing is such a good choice.

What Exactly is Metal Roofing?

Many people don’t have a truly good idea of what metal roofing is. If you have images in your head of a series of shacks in a third-world country sort of set up and tin sheeting reflecting hot sun, you’re way off the mark. This isn’t what we mean by metal roofing. In fact, that doesn’t make any practical sense for a particularly warm climate like northern California. Metal roofing looks surprisingly similar to the more expensive tile made from wood, stone, plastics, or other materials. In fact, from a distance, many people can’t tell the difference, meaning you do not have to sacrifice quality for durability. This is part of the reason a good San Jose metal roofing contractor will find him or herself in very high demand.

Is Metal Roof Worth the Money?

Metal roofing can come in a variety of materials. Copper, tin, aluminum, and galvanized steel are all materials that are used for a variety of metal roofing options. Galvanized steel is a particularly popular choice because it is very inexpensive but when taken care of it can last a long time – even sixty years or more. This steel metal roofing with a protective zinc cover is an extremely popular metal roofing option for roof replacement in the San Jose area, as its ability to look good, hold up over time, and the fact that it is often less expensive than many other alternatives, like tiles or ceramic, that don’t hold up nearly as well – or for nearly as long.

Why Look for a San Jose Metal Roofing Contractor?

There are many positives that come with choosing metal shingles over other options. When you’re looking at high-quality galvanized steel roofing, you’re considering a roofing services that has a lot of positives to it. What are just a few of the benefits of going with this type of roofing product?


  • Save major amounts of money in the long term because of lower maintenance costs
  • Helps save on energy costs
  • Adds to overall aesthetic appearance and re-sale value
  • Good for the environment
  • Lasts for many decades when properly cared for
  • May be eligible for tax credits or insurance coverage
  • Modern versions of metal roofing don’t have any expansion and contraction issues
  • Are light weight and resist corrosion and rust

This isn’t even a comprehensive list. The truth is that steel metal roofing in the San Jose area is going to remain popular for a long period of time because of these points and the many more that weren’t even brought up in that earlier list. There’s no question for many consumers that this is the best option when it comes to filling their metal roofing installation needs.

Are There Any Negatives? What are the Pros and Cons of a Metal Roof?

When looking for a good San Jose metal roofing contractor, it’s only natural to also ask if there are any negatives. When it comes to metal roofing, it’s important to understand that most metal roofs will cost more upfront. While this can seem like a major downside if you’re on a limited budget, it’s important to note that over the long term when you figure out the need for maintenance work, damage repair, or outright replacement it becomes obvious that metal roofing is the much better deal over the long term. It’s not at all out of the question to see this type of roofing lasts for 50 years or more if properly taken care of. This is why it's better to have metal roofs installed compared with other types of roof materials.

So even the main “negative” can also turn out to be positive when looking at things long term. However, for homeowners who are on a budget, this initial cost can be considered a little bit intimidating and possibly a bit of an obstacle. But in the long term, it is definitely the smarter economical choice.

What’s This About SteelRock Products?

Not everyone cares to have the absolute best looking metal tiling available, but for those who really want to make sure they’re getting the best appearance will want to take a look at SteelRock metal roofing. This is one of the prime examples of top quality metal roofing available through San Jose contractors.

One of the reasons that so many contractors love to use SteelRock metal roofing around San Jose is that many of the roofing products are designed to look like high end stone or ceramic tile. These come in a variety of popular colors to give customers a lot of options in matching up the perfect roofing tiles with the design and color scheme of their homes. Mediterranean style steel roofing is especially popular right now.

In other words you shouldn’t be surprised when any San Jose contractor for metal roofing mentions SteelRock products, because they are among some of the best out there. These products look as good as the much more expensive ceramic roofing that is often used, and you’ll never find ceramic roofing that offers a warranty that lasts for decades.

Why You Should Go with a Steel Roofing Contractor

One of the major reasons to go with steel roofing is that it is relatively inexpensive, especially when you look at the long term savings, as well as providing a top notch look that also offers all the protection you expect when you’re getting new roofing. Going with steel means your good looking roofing will be there for years and decades to come, even as neighbors need to change theirs over and over again.

Metal Roofing FAQs

Is It Possible to Mount Solar Panels on a Metal Roof?

Installing solar panels on a metal roof is fine. They give solar panels a strong and long-lasting base, and certain kinds of metal roofs can even increase the effectiveness of solar panel systems.

How Should a Metal Roof Be Maintained?

Cleaning up leaves or trash and looking for damage or loose fasteners are all part of routine maintenance. To avoid scratching the metal surface, do not clean with abrasive materials. For detailed maintenance instructions, see the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Be sure to get metal roof repairs when you need it.

Does a Metal Roof's Color Affect How Well It Performs?

Indeed, a metal roof's energy efficiency can be affected by its hue. Darker roof colors absorb more heat than lighter ones, which keeps the interior cooler. Choose a color based on your area's climate and energy efficiency goals. Contact us to know more about your options.
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