Why you Need to Keep Your Metal Roof Clean

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Anytime you have a home or business, there will always be general maintenance that needs to be done to keep it in the best condition that it can be. This is no different when you have a metal roof, and it is something that can be overlooked easily due to its durability. If you are building a home and looking for a quality roofer in San Jose, CA, they will also tell you the same information, that the care and maintenance are part of the process. Here are some suggestions to help keep your roof in the best shape it can be in.

Issues that Can Arise 

Damage can come from various areas in one main culprit is from dirt or residuals left from animals or trees. This becomes problematic when the residue is left to sit and begins to degrade the coatings outside the metal. This degradation will cause corrosion and compromise the whole roof system. Other concerns are buildups of things like mold, bacteria, or any corrosive elements that can also block the roof’s efficiency to reflect heat.

Your main priority needs to be keeping the finish clean, and in the best condition it can be so you can avoid having to recoat the roof sections. Other issues can arise if there is staining or lime deposits, as these can deplete the finish.

When do you Clean Them?

Cleanings can happen on an annual basis or as needed. You want to keep the panels as free of elements as possible, and if you have any overhanging trees, you may want to consider trimming them to avoid branches and leaves building up on the roof.

Every three to five years, you will also want to do a deep cleaning that can remove issues like oxidation and sap based on where you live and any seasonal buildups that may occur. One of the main reasons to keep the panels clean is to follow what is recommended by the manufacturer so you do not void your warranty.


If you are unsure if you need to do a cleaning, it is good to contact a professional company who will follow the recommendations and assess to see what needs to be done.

Extra Considerations 

Before you decide to do the clean, you must check with the manufacturer’s guidelines, so you know which products to use. Generally, a simple water and detergent solution is sufficient but avoid using bleach because it can alter the color or cause the finish. In some cases, you may need to use an alcohol-based cleaner for things like grease and tar, but make sure you use protective gear and check the manufacturer’s instructions beforehand.

A Trusted Source

Cal-Pac Roofing understands the complications that can be with learning how to maintain different areas of a home. We specialize in metal roofing installation and repair and gutters and screens, so if you have been looking for a quality roofer in San Jose, CA, give us a call to set up an appointment because we’re here to help.

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