Tips and Considerations for Installing Solar Panels on Your Metal Roofing

Metal roofing in San Jose, CA

Metal roofing in San Jose, CA, is a common choice for individuals looking to add great aesthetics and value to their homes. One of the most popular trends is adding solar panels to the material because they offer multiple benefits. If you have been considering getting this installation completed, this article is going to highlight how they can be beneficial and how they work with a metal roofing system.

Looking for Durability?

Traditional materials like asphalt shingles so the risk of being penetrated more easily from the holes that need to be drilled into the roof to install the panels. This can lead to leaking, which can become a much larger issue if the water gets into the internal structure of your home.

Metal roofing systems have a clamping system that requires no drilling and no forms of penetration from hardware. This means that the integrity of the roof will stay in place while at the same time keeping your warranty intact.

Built to Last

Installing solar panels on the roof is also an easy process, and most qualified installers will offer warranties for their workmanship and roofing to ensure there are no installation issues. The roofing system is durable enough to outlast your panels because the average lifespan of a metal roof is 60 years or more, and the solar panels will last between 25 to 30, making them a great investment.

Energy-Efficiency Made Easy

When you combine a metal roofing system with solar panels, you also create an eco-friendly option, especially if using green building programs like Energy Star. Because choosing metal is an eco-friendlier choice due to its recyclability and the solar panel’s transference of electricity to your home, it results in a greener choice when it comes to energy consumption and sustainability. This can help promote renewable energy options and offer discounts on items like solar panels.

Other Considerations

One of the main things you want to be aware of if you are considering installing solar panels on your roof is that because metal roofs are made of materials like steel, copper, and aluminum, they have high electrical conductivity. Even if an item is installed correctly, there’s always the risk of high winds and rain causing the wiring to meet the roof, so it’s not uncommon for some manufacturers to state that certain products should not be installed, including solar panels.

One way to help negate this is to install them on a non-conductive flashing or mounting to ensure electrical safety and to check the manufacturer’s manual for any restrictions.

Metal roofing in San Jose, CA

Expert and Professional Installations

Getting solar panels installed on your metal roofing in San Jose, CA, can be a great way to add an eco-friendly option to your home that will pay for itself over the years. And if you are looking for professional roofing installation services, we are here to help. We have over 10,000 roofs installed, and our company is based on offering honesty and integrity for all our clients, so contact us today.

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