Thinking About Getting a Metal Roof? Here are Some Seasonal Considerations to Take

roofer in Santa Clara, CA

If your roof has seen better days and you have finally decided to contact a roofer in Santa Clara, CA, it can be good to consider the time of year that you want the installation to be done because the seasons can’t influence the process. The job will take time, and, in most cases, it will be longer than one day, so if weather arises, this can slow it down. Having a better understanding of how the seasons will affect the installation is essential so keep reading for more information.

Winter Installation

The weather in our area in the wintertime is generally a mild experience, but with this comes colder temperatures which can directly affect the performance of the installers. In most cases, they’re going to be prepared to do the installation regardless of the temperature but keep this in mind if you want to do a winter project.

In addition to this, due to the weather, the installation and pricing may be more affordable than they usually would be because the contractors may have more openings in their schedules.


Spring will have generally milder temperatures than winter, with slightly fewer precipitation possibilities. The rain can directly affect how the roof is installed due to it being a more hazardous situation with moisture and maintaining stability while working on the roof. In most cases, installation companies won’t do an install if there is rain because they want to make sure the area is dry and safe for the crew and will wait for better weather.


You might consider summer the best time of year to install a new roof on your home, but this also poses its challenges. The high temperatures are unsafe for the crew to get the job done correctly, but the temperatures can also make the material soften and cause damage during the installation process.


For our area, fall is one of the ideal times to get the installation done for your home due to the precipitation levels being lower as well as the temperature ranges also being more manageable. One of the main drawbacks to this is that the contractor’s schedule might be busier than at other times of the year, so it may take longer to get the project underway and completed.

roofer in Santa Clara, CA

Quality and Precision Services

Anytime you’re choosing to do an upgrade or new installation in your home, you will need to consider several things, including the best time of the year to complete the job. You don’t want to have to worry about contractors being delayed due to weather issues while at the same time ensuring that they’re able to get you into their schedule promptly, so you understand your priorities when scheduling.

If you have already started looking for a roofer in Santa Clara, CA, we are your locally trusted source for professional and exceptional services. We have done over 10,000 roof installations with five-star results from our customers, so contact us today for an appointment.

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