Fall is the Best Time of Year to Fix Your Roof. Here’s Why!

metal roofing for your Santa Clara, CA

Do you need to get some work done to your roof? Even if you procrastinated during the spring or summer, that doesn’t mean that you have to hold off until next spring or summer to do it. A reputable roofing company will be able to provide metal roofing for your Santa Clara, CA home any time of the year. But it can be argued that autumn is the best time of year to fix your roof. Here’s a look at why this is the case – and why you shouldn’t needlessly delay a project.


Energy Efficiency

While California doesn’t experience the extreme cold temperatures that many states do during the winter, that doesn’t mean that it can’t get downright chilly. A new roof, especially a metal roofing system, will definitely help with your energy efficiency goals. You’ll see the biggest difference during the periods of the year when the temperatures are coldest and hottest – during the wintertime and summertime, respectively. So if you want to cut down on heating bills this year, you should consider fixing your roof now rather than waiting until the spring or summer. In other words, why wait to start saving? You can experience the benefits right away.


Temperature is Ideal

Another reason why it makes sense to fix your roof in the fall is that the temperatures during the fall season tend to be very moderate – not too hot and not too cold. You can bet that the professional roofing company you hire will find the fall to be an especially ideal time of year to be working outdoors. So it will be a good time of year for both you and the workers. Win-win.

metal roofing for your Santa Clara, CA

Roofing Shingles Not Scorching Hot

The roofing systems can get really hot if they’re being installed during a time of the year when it’s scorching hot outside. So the moderate fall temperatures will be a better time of year to get the job done. When shingles are really hot, it can be more of a challenge to handle them and to secure them into place. Of course, professional roofers will be able to get the job done regardless of the time of year or temperature. But the job will be much easier if the job is done during the fall season.


When you need metal roofing in Santa Clara, CA, get in touch with us for the help you require. We can fix your roof any time of the year. But if we believe that your roofing system should be replaced instead of merely fixed, we’ll make this recommendation. We offer stone-coated steel roofing systems, which are vastly superior to other types of roofing products that are available on the marketplace today. We’ve helped many homeowners in Northern California to get the roofs they require. We offer a 50-year warranty, a hailstone-penetration warranty, fire-resistant materials, a 120-mph wind warranty, and more. You can reach us by phone or visit our showroom for the help you require. We’ll be honored to assist you in any way we can.

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