Metal Roofing Replacement Requires Several Steps, so Here are Five Key Things to Understand About the Process

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When it’s time to invest in new roofing in Sunnyvale, CA, there are some critical considerations, and you’re probably researching and having questions. Answering some of the most common questions is crucial, and that’s precisely what this article offers. Spending all your options is critical, so let’s look at everything from metal roof types to material options for a replacement.


Metal Roofing System Types

There are two main metal roofing systems: standing seam and screw-down panel. Standing seams are panels locked together mechanically or at the seams. This is beneficial because the panels can contract and expand when it heats up. The screw down is precisely what it is called, and screws are put through the panel.


Materials Required

A traditional metal roofing system has multiple components that will need to be considered in the replacement, including:

  • Roof decking: This is the framing portion of your roof.
  • Starter lock strips: These components hold metal panels to your roof edges and keep them from moving in wind storms.
  • Underlayment: This is used to provide additional protection for the decking system, and work is a shield for heat, ice, and water.
  • Metal panels: These are the traditional metal pieces for the roof.
  • Clips: Fasteners that hold the panels to the roof decking.
  • Ridge capping: The trim is applied where the roof meets.



The cost will be based on the size of your roofing system and any enhancements you choose, and on average, a traditional metal roofing system can cost anywhere from $7 to $13 per square foot.


The Process

Professional installation steps can include the following:

  • Laying down protective tarps around the property
  • Delivery of any roofing material to your home
  • Removal of the old system through a tearing-off process
  • Hardware like nails will be removed or hammered into the decking
  • Underlayment will be installed
  • Flashing will be added in
  • Panels are applied and secured
  • The Ridge is then capped at the top of the roof
  • Any exposed hardware is sealed, and excess debris removed



Another common question individuals ask is how long the roofing system will last. Proper installation can last between 30 and 50 years; in most cases, the manufacturer will have a warranty to protect it. Regular upkeep, like repairs, cleaning, and inspections, will also help enhance its durability. If there are any issues like damages, they can be resolved immediately and ensure greater longevity for your new roofing system.

Your Experts in Metal Roofing Services and Installation

While this is a summarized list of what typically occurs at an installation, it can be helpful to reach out to local contractors for more information. And if you’re investing in new roofing in Sunnyvale, CA, let our team help you through the process. We have over 40 years of trusted experience and take great pride in offering high levels of craftsmanship and customer service for all our clients. Our team is here to answer all your questions, so call us today to get started.

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