Questions you Can Ask Your Roofing Contractor

metal roofing in Santa Clara, CA

Installing a new roof on your home can be a stressful experience if you have never had to go through the process before. There’s no doubt that multiple steps must go into the entire project, so you want to ensure that the contractor you are working with has experience in installing metal roofing in Santa Clara, CA. taking the time to check the individual understands the processes can save you headaches later down the road that might be costly. Educating yourself will be your priority to keep your roof and yourself protected, so here are some questions to ask.

Getting the Right Information 

For starters, one thing that will be a priority is knowing how long the individual has been in business. This can tell you a lot about the experience level and give you insight.

  • Are there any projects you can physically look at that they have completed?
  • Are there any customers that you can speak to about their experience with the individual?
  • Does the person have a license and certifications as well as insurance, and can they provide proof?
  • Will you need a permit, and will they be helping to get that?
  • How do they keep their employees safe while working on your property?
  • Have they been trained by the manufacturer of the roofing material company?

These few questions alone will give you a better idea of their experience level and what kind of a person the individual is when it comes to business.


You also want to ask questions about the specific project details that can make a difference in the overall performance and longevity.

metal roofing in Santa Clara, CA

  • How will your property be protected while they’re going through the renovation?
  • If there is terrible weather, how will that be handled?
  • Who do you need to contact during the project, and will they be easily accessible?
  • How will they handle pipe penetrations?
  • Will you be able to get written warranties for the product, quality, and installation? When will these be provided?
  • Will the fasteners that are used be approved by the manufacturer, and is there evidence for this provided?
  • Will you be inspecting the attic to see if more ventilation needs to be installed?
  • Will you be performing fashioner pullout-resistant tests?

It’s good to take some time to get the questions together, so you understand how they apply to your roof. Finding a way to inspect it yourself is a good starting point is looking for critical areas that might have a buildup of debris was also advised.

Quality and Care 

Replacing your roof can be an expensive endeavor, so you want to ensure that your contractor is the right one for the job. Cal-Pac Roofing prides itself on providing that they are meeting their customers’ needs and doing the best job on the market from start to finish. We have been in business for over 40 years, providing our customers with the highest quality metal roofing in Santa Clara, CA. We want to help you on your next project so give us a call today to get started.

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