Metal Roofing 101

Metal roofing Santa Clara, CA

What is metal roofing?

Metal roofs for residential homes have been around for decades. The materials’ long lifespan the main reason why a huge amount of homeowners, make the switch. They provide people with options that old roofs simply wasn’t going to give them. Metal roofs are made to face extreme wind. Metal roofing Santa Clara, CA is a lot stronger than many others roofing types and that’s the reason many people prefer it.

The beauty of a metal roof is as all things in aesthetics, subjective. But over the last years, the fact that it is so convenient has made it the more attractive for homeowners. A metal roof will do its job a lot better, as we have come to conclude. The properties of metal combined with the incredible solar reflectivity of our superior paint coating can reduce the cost of heating and cooling. Additionally, a metal roof will last much longer and endure better than an asphalt or wood roof.

Why is it convenient?

It is durable. Can last as long as your house. They are low maintenance as long as they are installed in the proper way from the beginning. They help keep the heat at a minimum in your house even on hot summer days. We recommend you choose products with integral airspace between the back of the metal panel and deck, and underlayment. This will block any potential heat transference from the metal to the underlying materials. Metal cools much faster than asphalt. In a hot environment, a metal roof can help keep the house significantly cooler by reflecting solar radiation and any accumulated excess heat back into the atmosphere.

Environmentally friendly

Metal roofs consists of a decent percent of recycled materials and are themselves, completely recyclable. Asphalt shingles, on the other hand, are a petroleum product, so there’s always a dependency on natural resources that are already scarce in the planet.

Can reduce cooling costs by as much as 25 percent. Also, unlike other roofing materials, a metal roof will not ignite after being struck by lightning. Metal roofs will not fuel a fire that starts in your home.

Metal roofing Santa Clara, CA

Why you may need it more than you think

There are a lot of reasons, including availability, familiarity and cost. In certain environments, a metal roof will perform better than any other material, especially those subjected to extreme weather events. A metal roof is one of the ways in which ice dams can be effectively mitigated and prevented from forming in the first place, so they are an ideal choice for cold climates.

Metal roofs are more on the expensive side, but trust us when we tell you that if properly done by professionals like Cap-Pac Roofing, you won’t be needing another roof in 50 years, maybe more. Metal roofing Santa Clara, CA can lower your home insurance due to metal being less likely to fail from fire, high winds, and wind-driven rain damage than other types of roofing. the metal roofing market is expected to grow seven percent in 2020. More people are gravitating towards an investment that will pay dividends down the road thanks to lower energy bills, less maintenance, and lower damage risk.

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