The Ultimate Roofing Guide

Roofing Santa Clara, CA

A roof covers the entire house, thus replacing it, could feel extremely overwhelming. Roofing Santa Clara, CA is also a big investment, it is not a decision that should be taken lightly. However, no need to freak out, more so if you would like to make a wise move. Be objective and learn more about the topic so that whatever conclusion you arrive to at the end, you do so by being informed with everything there is to know about it.

This being a big project, it often causes people to not want to embark in the adventure that it could turn out to be. Cal-Pac roofing gets the stressful side of replacing your roof and takes it away from you.

Is your roof too old? When is it time to replace it? Here is a list of signs that should tell you that it is time to replace your old roof.

Your roof’s flashing is broken

This one is a huge cause of concern. Flashing protects some of the most vulnerable parts of the roof. When flashing gets damaged, be it because it gets bent or it cracks, moisture runs more easily into the roof seams. Because flashing is made of steel or aluminum, you may think is not prone to breaking but, although flashing is designed to be tough, it can still crack, warp, and create “blow-offs” where the flashing is torn away completely.

You have uninvited animals in your home

Are you dealing with animals in roof vents and attics? It is in spring when animals are most likely to enter your home (uninvited). This is due to spring being mating season and the animals need to fins themselves a cozy place to nest. Look for these signs to find out if you have an animal in your attic: loose fascia boards, open or uncapped chimneys, ripped air ducts, urine or droppings, unusual sounds inside the walls.

What kind of animals should you be looking out for? Squirrels, bats, birds, raccoons, wasps and bees, rats.

Roofing Santa Clara, CA

Shingles are visible or worn

You maybe wondering what does it mean the fact that your roof shingles are now curling up. Well, this could a sign of moisture in your roof underlayment. But it could also mean it is time to get some new roofing. One of the most common causes of curling shingles is age. Simply put, your roof just might be too old.

So yes, changing your roof Santa Clara, CA, has both, aesthetic and practical implications. Tile, metal, or slate roofs often last for more than 50 years. A roof plays a providing you and your finally with protection and also does some less obvious things, like its significant role in insulating your home from both noise and the temperature outside. Sometimes there is absolutely nothing wrong with your roof, except for the fact that is old. The typical lifespan of a new roof is approximately 25 years depending on the type and quality of the roof and installers. A roofing company should be upfront about their numbers and let you some room to make a proper decision. You should call Cal-Pac Roofing for your roof replacement needs.

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