Why Choose a Metal Roof?

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The roof’s primary purpose is to protect the structural integrity of your home. Its purpose is to keep the inside safe from elements, and you want to design that helps contribute to an eco-friendly environment and works towards helping to lower your monthly bills. If you’re considering finding a qualified roofer in San Jose, CA, to install new covering for your home, you may want to consider choosing metal as your option, and here’s why.

Low Maintenance

One of the first things that makes this an attractive option is that they require little maintenance. This might consist of using a pressure sprayer annually to keep up on any accumulated sap or dirt. One thing to consider is if the roof is flat or in a V shape, it may be more prone to a buildup of things like leaves or tree limbs, so be sure to make sure you are clearing the area of those items.


Another great reason they are an ideal option is that they resist certain things such as corrosion or rust. The material is also non-combustible, making them fire-resistant, and unlike other material options, they will not rot, break, burn or crumble due to external circumstances.

Light Weight

A metal roof can be a great addition due to its lightweight nature. The typical asphalt material used with shingle roofing can weigh around 2 pounds for each square foot, and metal comes in half that amount. This not only places less pressure over time on the structure of your home, but it also creates easier installation and less maintenance.

Great Protection

Metal is known for being an ideal choice when it comes to protection from the elements of weather. With some systems, this material creates a barrier and can withstand snowstorms and even speeds of up to 240 miles an hour.


Purchasing a metal roof can be more expensive initially, but with a 40 to 70-year lifespan, there will be fewer total replacements and overall maintenance than traditional roof options.

Eco-Friendly and Energy Efficient

These routes have become a popular choice simply for those who are more concerned about the environment. Considering most metal roofs are now made from recycled materials, you’ll know that you’re making a purchase that can be reused even after you are done with it. In addition, a standard metal roof most often has a coating that helps deflect up to 80% of UV rays from the sun. What this means is that your home will have a cooler internal temperature in the summer and better insulation in colder months, saving you money each month on your bill.

Putting our Customers First 

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