If Your Gutters Aren’t Performing Right, here are a Few Issues to Look For 

Roofing contractors in San Sunnyvale, CA

Roofing contractors in Sunnyvale, CA, can support you with a large variety of resources and, in some cases, may offer gutter repair or replacement. There are several key factors to look for that indicate the gutter system is beginning to break down, so let’s take a look at signs there may be a problem.


Fractures or cracks or any visible damage to the gutters means you may have a leaky system that can get to the foundation of your house. Over time these will eventually grow larger, resulting in less efficiency in the drainage system and protection for your home.


Your gutter system is designed to be flush with the structure it is attached to. If you’re finding gaps, this could be a much larger problem, and removing them and replacing them as soon as possible is recommended.

Pooled Water

If you are finding any pooled or standing water, this is another indicator there may be a problem. In most cases, this may be a blockage or a buildup of debris in the system, but it can lead to structural damage if the water is unchecked.


If you see any sagging, pulling away, or bowing in the gutter system, this may imply that the brackets or loose. This is potentially dangerous because if the system is not adequately supported, it can break and fall, causing property damage.

Paint Damage

Paint will peel and flake when exposed to constant moisture, which applies to the gutter system. In most cases, paints are now designed to withstand more damage from elements, but if you’re beginning to see it flaking, it may be time to address this issue.


Finding mold in your basement area or around the top of your home’s exterior, is another indicator there may be a problem. Your gutter system is designed to carry the water away from these areas, and you may need to schedule an inspection.


Overflowing water is also another sign that there may be a problem. The overflow signals that the gutters were not installed properly or are not the right size for your home.

Soil Damage

Erosion can be another indicator of gutter issues. This is because the system intends to carry the water to specific areas, and if they are not working correctly, it is sent into the yard, taking the soil with it.

Lost Hardware

The last sign that there may be an issue is if you are finding hardware like screws or nails by the roof. Over time the components can come loose, and because they stabilize the system, it is essential to address this issue.

Roofing contractors in San Sunnyvale, CA

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