Why Choose Stone Coated Metal for Your Roof

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When it comes to finding the proper roofing for your home, it can be a struggle if you have no experience understanding the different materials. In addition, it is imperative that you find the highest quality roofing contractors in San Jose, CA, before you move forward with the project. Metal roofing is an excellent choice because it has multiple benefits with few downsides. So here is more information for you to consider.

Stone Metal Coating Basics

This coding is a type of installation that does not act well as metal but looks different from a traditionally designed metal roof. It is a variation of steel pressed into the shape publishing goal topped with a material that will help prevent rust. The way it is attached to the service makes it incredibly durable and alters the appearance of the metal to make it more attractive than standard roofs.

Why is it Better Than Traditional Metal?

One of the best qualities about this option is its appearance. Once installed, the shape of traditional panels like asphalt change stone or slate variations. Because of how well they are put together, it’s hard to tell that it’s not a variation. In addition, because it is fused, it is a more durable option promoting longevity and saving you money over time. They are more resilient to hail, which can damage metal roofs, and are recognized with insurance companies as beneficial so they have been offering some policy discounts with this installation.


The benefits of having this installation done have multiple reasons why you need to choose stone coating for your roof.

Energy Efficiency

Metal roofs can be an excellent choice for lowering utility costs. The stone coating enhances this because of the extra protection.

Long Term Savings

The coding can be a little more expensive initially, but what it offers long-term is a long-lasting product that you will not have to replace as frequently.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Because multiple colors and styles are available, the stone coating is an excellent addition for complementing almost any home building.

roofing contractors in San Jose, CA

Creates Longevity

Depending on the material, the stone coating can last up to 70 years or longer, which is far greater than any other options today. The durability alone makes it a worthwhile investment to help increase your home’s value and curb appeal.

Getting it Right the First Time

Your home is a precious commodity. You do not want to question whether you made the right choice to pick a company that will provide you with the highest level of customer service and the highest-quality product on the market. Roof repair and installation can be stressful if you don’t have the proper guidance through the process.

Cal-Pac Roofing has been in business for over forty years providing locally trusted and top-rated experiences for our customers. We pride ourselves on being Northern California’s number one stone-coated roofing company. If you are looking at replacing your roof and need licensed and bonded roofing contractors in San Jose, CA, we are here to help. We offer free estimates, so give us a call today and help you get started on your project.

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