Why Buying a Roof Simply Based on Cost isn’t the Way to Go

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Do you like to get a great deal on the products you buy as a consumer? There’s no doubt that you do – and there’s obviously nothing wrong with that. But sometimes people go to dangerous extremes by choosing the lowest-cost product regardless of quality. This can be questionable when buying something as important as a roofing system. A roof, as any roofing contractor in Santa Clara, CA will tell you, is an important part of your home. It’s not just for looks. A roof actually provides benefits such as providing insulation for your home and keeping the temperature comfortable in your home year-round. So it’s best not to focus solely on cost.


Here are some reasons why buying the cheapest roof, while focusing too little on quality, is not in your best interests as a homebuyer.


Won’t Last as Long

If you get the lowest-cost roofing system, you will more likely than not be giving up a lot in terms of durability. It might feel great to spend a low amount to get enough roofing materials to do your entire roof, but how long will a low-cost roofing system last? There is something to be said for having tunnel vision and focusing on price rather than looking at other things like quality.


If you spend a bargain-basement price, it won’t be long before you start to experience issues. Also, consider that going this route is also likely to get you a less desirable warranty. If you buy a cheaply made product that comes at a low price, will you really be saving money? The answer is “no” because you will have to spend money on maintenance and on replacing it sooner than you would have liked to. Yes, you’ll pay more for a higher-quality roofing system, such as a stone-coated steel roof, but it will last for a long time. In fact, you can get a 50-year warranty on one. So paying more will get you more, and what you get will last you longer.

roofing contractor in Santa Clara, CA

It Might Not Protect Your Roof

Getting a low-cost roof with questionable quality will result in your getting little protection for your roof. You don’t necessarily have to buy the most expensive roof to get a good product. But focusing solely on the cost to the extent where you buy a cheaply made product will jeopardize your investment and your roof. Your roof takes a pounding in Northern California because of all of the weather systems seen in the area. You can only benefit by getting a quality roofing system.


When you need a qualified roofing contractor in Santa Clara, CA, we have you covered. And we’ll also be happy to cover your roof with our premium stone-coated steel roofing system. It may very well be the only roofing product you ever need for your home – given our product comes with a 50-year warranty. We also offer a hailstone-penetration warranty, fire-resistant materials, a 120-mph wind warranty, and more. We’re the pioneers of stone-coated steel roofing in the country, so you can count on us for our experience and our superior roofing systems. For more information, call or visit. Let’s work together to get you the roof that you need.

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