When it’s Time to Pick the Right Color for Your Roof, We Have Helpful Tips Listed Here

metal roofing in San Jose, CA

When choosing new metal roofing in San Jose, CA, one priority is ensuring that your home has great style, and this can be accomplished by selecting a suitable color roofing material. It can feel confusing on which one to choose without some extra knowledge, so we have created this article offering options and some considerations before making a decision.

Picking the Right Color

Once you have decided metal is the right choice for your home, you may have a specific design or material, but now you need to pick the color. And because the roofing material can last for 60 or more years, you want to make sure you make the right choice.


There are several other considerations you will need to look at when choosing your roofing color, and they include:

The climate you’re currently residing in will make a difference, and the color you choose will affect how heat and cold are absorbed or reflected. Lighter-colored roofing will reflect heat rays, while the darker color will absorb more heat and transfer it into the home.

Another consideration is if you live in an HOA association. Traditionally, the association will require specific colors because they want to ensure that all of the homeowners living in the association have matching homes to make the neighborhood look more.

Your home’s style will be the last consideration because picking the right color can help raise the property value of the house.

Color Ideas

Neutral Might Feel Right

Bright colors may not always be the right choice, so consider more neutral colors like clay, tan, and Gray as an option because they pair well with almost any other color. If you’re looking for an enhancement to help accent this, you can always choose brighter colors for siding; your front door and even your flowerbeds can help add an extra touch of personalization.

Simple Blues

One popular option is choosing blue because of offers a natural contemporary feel to almost any home style. Almost any color of blue will work well with any light or neutral paint and siding colors for the house, so consider what hues are already in place when deciding.

Go Bold with Red

If you want to make a statement, red might be the right choice. It can help your homes stick out from the rest of the properties in your neighborhood; it can help complement neutral-colored siding, especially if you have other accents like colorful flowers in your yard.

metal roofing in San Jose, CA

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