When it Makes Sense to Invest in a Premium-Priced Roof

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Roofs usually last for quite some time. And, of course, some will last longer than others. When the time comes to get a new roof, how can you determine which one to get? You can get a low-cost asphalt roof, a premium-priced metal roof, or something in between. While it’s best to stay away from bargain-basement products, you probably won’t want to invest in a premium-priced roof if you’re planning to move right away. Before you contact a San Jose, CA roofer to kick off a home improvement project, here’s a look at when to invest in a top-of-the-line roof.

You Plan to Stay Put

If you have no plans to put your home up for sale – at least not for the foreseeable future – then you should consider investing in a premium-priced roofing system. A stone-coated metal roof, for instance, will cost more than an asphalt roof. But it will also last a lot longer. When you consider that a metal roof can come with a 50-year warranty, you can well imagine that it might be the only roof you ever had to invest in. If properly taken care of, a quality metal roof may well last beyond the warranty period. So if the plan is to stay put, invest in a quality metal roof.

You’ve Invested in Low-Quality Roofs Before But You Now Want Something Better

Many homeowners settle with lower-quality roofing systems. If you’ve previously gone with roofing systems based solely on price, you might be ready to get a premium product. Yes, the upfront cost will be more. There’s a reason for that. A quality metal roof, for instance, will have a much better warranty. And this is because it will last a lot longer than other roofing systems. So it’s really a matter of paying more now for a product that will last. Chances are you won’t ever have to replace a stone-coated metal roof. So a premium-priced roof makes sense.

San Jose, CA roofer

You Want to Maximize the Value of Your Home

There are many home improvement projects that will increase the value of your home. A roofing project is one option to consider. Installing a stone-coated metal roof on your home will definitely help push your home valuation in the right direction. Metal roofs have a distinctive look. You can get them in different styles and in different colors, so they’ll attract attention for all the right reasons. If pride of homeownership means something to you, then you’ll want to consider getting yourself a premium-priced roof that boosts your home’s curb appeal.

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