What Exactly is Standing Seam Roofing?

Roofing contractors in San Jose, CA

Roofing contractors in San Jose, CA, offer professional services with installations done by expert technicians. The providers are just one part of getting a new roof installation, and it can be helpful to understand the materials and designs. Standing seam metal roofing is a popular option for many individuals, so we have gathered more information on this design to help you understand what it offers to make a decision that feels right.

What is Standing Seam Roofing?

A standing seam roofing system has raised seams above the roof’s flat section. This roofing is usually installed in a vertical pattern, and it will run from the eaves to the edge and be identified by concealed fasteners.

Traditionally the design uses vertical legs and a flat and broad area between them to form the structure while simultaneously keeping the fasteners hidden behind some form of seeing more locking system. The panel will either be attached with clips or decking material beneath the legs leaving the fasteners hidden and protected from the exterior.

Benefits of Standing Seam

Hidden Fasteners

One advantage of this type of seam is that the fasteners are hidden. They are protected from elements such as UV rays, wind, and rain. This is vital because the fasteners can help enhance the roofing system’s longevity and get a larger return on investment on the project.


Standing seam roofs are one of the most popular options because they reflect the sun and heat from the property. This is one of the most energy-efficient options, and these roofing systems can help you save money on your cooling and heating bills throughout the year because it pays for themselves over time.

Modern Look

Another reason people choose this option is that it offers a more modern-looking aesthetic and works well with almost any home style. The materials also come in different colors and textures, which gives you a unique modern look increasing your curb appeal.

Mounted Additions

The last benefit worth mentioning is that due to the design, you can easily add features to the roof to help create a higher function in your home, like solar panels or snow guards.


Most Costly Install

Metal roofs have a higher cost than other types of materials, but because they are more durable, they can last twice as long as some other roofing systems. It’s also higher because these systems are more challenging to install and require special training.

Not Intended for Flat Roofing

Another drawback is this specific design has to be installed on only certain types of roofing systems. For example, if your roof is flat, standing seam is not the best choice, so consider this when picking through your options.

Roofing contractors in San Jose, CA

More Complicated Maintenance

The last potential drawback is the standing seam roofing system is more difficult to clean; however, they are low maintenance and more durable than other options.

Honest and Professional Installations

If you’ve been considering installing a standing seam system and looking at roofing contractors in San Jose, CA, we would love to help you through the process. We are locally owned and offer exceptional services for our clients, so contact us today.

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