Types of Problems that Require Metal Roofing Repair

Sunnyvale, CA metal roofing

A metal roofing system is the best option for your home. There are other types of roofing products, made from various materials, available from lots of roofers. And for the most part, you can get good roofing products made from materials other than metal. But there’s no comparison in terms of what you can get as a consumer if you want durability, fire resistance, and a strong hurricane wind performance rating. Sunnyvale, CA metal roofing wins hands down.

But that doesn’t mean that a metal roof won’t require maintenance and repairs at some point. What follows is a look at signs that you need to contact a metal roofing company.


Metal roofing is durable, but it can become deformed if it was mishandled prior to being installed. This is one reason why it’s best to work with professional roofers. Hiring buddies from work or retaining the services of a jack of all trades might lead to situations where the corrugated sheets are transported improperly. This might cause bending, and this mishandling could eventually cause headaches if the product gets deformed over time. It’s also possible for metals roofs to become deformed by trees should branches fall on the roof. This is one reason why it makes sense to inspect your roof periodically.


As you might imagine, a leaking roof is a major problem. Leaks on a metal roof can be caused by incorrect installation or by damage to the roofing system. If you notice a leaking problem, call in a roofer as soon as possible. They will look for what is causing the issue and then recommend the best course of action to correct it. Unfortunately, a leaking problem might mean having to redo the adversely impacted section of the roof.

Improper Installation

Again, if you take short cuts and hire a non-professional to install your metal roof, you will be rolling dice. When you hire a professional roofer that has experience installing and repairing metal roofs, you’ll more likely than not to get a proper installation. Another thing you’ll get is a warranty, so you’ll know who to call should you notice any issues down the road.

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