Things About Roofs that People Tend to Get Wrong

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How much do you know about roofs? If you’re in the market for one, you’ll want to get as much information about roofing systems and about San Jose, CA roofers as you can. The worst thing you can do is to make any decisions while holding onto roofing misconceptions. The unfortunate thing is that there are lots of roofing myths that many people assume are true.

Here’s a look at some of the more common misconceptions that you need to dismiss pronto.

Misconception: All Roofing Systems Are More or Less the Same

One of the more shocking misconceptions is that all roofing systems are pretty much the same. This is definitely untrue. If you compare an asphalt roofing system with a stone-coated metal roofing system, there really is no comparison in terms of longevity, durability, and return on investment. What this means is that you’ll want to carefully consider and weigh your options. How important is it to you that you get the best value for your money? When you consider the benefits of a quality metal roof, you’ll see that the premium pricing is well worth it.

Misconception: There’s No Need to Remove Old Roofing System

Another misconception that many people assume is true is that it’s okay to place a new roofing system on top of the old roofing system. This is a definite no-no. If you find a roofer that suggests going this route, that’s a red flag that suggests laziness and a lack of professionalism. A professional roofing contractor will remove the old roofing system and then lay down the new. One of the problems with taking a shortcut is that any problems under the old roofing system could remain undetected and unfixed if the new one is placed on the old one.

San Jose, CA roofers

Any DIY Type Can Install a Roof

While some DIY types are really handy, that doesn’t mean roofing is a suitable DIY project. If the roof is installed improperly, you will quite possibly fail to gain the benefits that typically come with getting a new roof. Another thing to consider is that doing the job right involves having specialized equipment. There are also safety considerations, and the warranty could be in jeopardy if you don’t get the roof installed by professionals. When you consider all the possible problems, you’ll definitely want the roofing contractor to handle the installation process.

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