There are Specific Things to Check for To See if it is Time for a Roof Replacement and We have them Listed Here

Metal roofing in San Jose, CA

Metal roofing in San Jose, CA, is chosen for its durability and aesthetics. It also offers energy efficiency and is considered an eco-friendly choice out of all the materials available. If you are not a professional roofer, it can be more challenging to tell when your system has begun to break down, so here are some common signs to look for.

Rust or Corrosion

One of the first areas of concern if you find any corrosion or rust. When you’re roofing system is first produced, it is sealed with paint that will help protect it, but over time, this can wear down. Like all things, it will lose its integrity as time goes by due to outside elements, so as you’re doing your inspection, be sure to look for these two key indicators.

Interior Leaking

The leaks and corrosion can cause leaking, but if the panels become loose or warped, it’s more likely for this to occur. A good indicator that there is a problem is finding leaks inside your home, and if not addressed, this can turn into a much larger issue if they permeate the walls because it can route the materials, cause mold to grow, or cause problems with the electrical system.

Electric Bill has Gone Up

Your roof is one of the primary functions of the home that help keep your internal space more comfortable. They have excellent insulation properties, so if you’re finding that your interior temperature is fluctuating extensively, this could also be an indicator that there may be a greater issue.

Worn Down Paint

In most cases, the roofing will be treated with waterproofing coating to help enhance its longevity. However, it can still be susceptible to issues like debris or projectiles hitting it. If you’re finding the paint is starting to chip, has faded or thinned, this is going to make it more vulnerable to rust issues, and it means the productive layer has been worn down.


Another concern is finding any damage, such as holes or punctures in the material. If anything has hit the roofing, this can occur, and it can cause this damage to your home. Even the smallest tears or holes can cause potential leaking issues, so keep this in mind as you do a regular inspection.


The last indicator in this list is sagging. If you’re seeing any roofing part beginning to bow or sink, you need to call a professional immediately because this could be potentially dangerous.

Metal roofing in San Jose, CA

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