Problems that Can Arise with Roofing

roofing in San Jose, CA

Repairs are normal for any homeowner and will need to be made over the years. If you are considering purchasing a home and are wondering about issues that come with roofing in San Jose, CA, this article will highlight key factors you need to consider.

Common Issues 

Breaks or Cracks

The first issue happens due to weather issues. The damage can be caused by rain or substantial winds but has also been known to build up naturally over time on certain roof areas. Because sections can be delicate, it is good to be mindful when walking in the area if inspect your roof.

Wetness or Moisture 

The issue is that moisture is ongoing; and can be a significant factor depending on where you live. It can get into small crevices and find its way inside the roof’s structure, causing long term damage. If you have any sections that are broken, this can also add to the problem.

Improper Installation

This is one area you do not want to under spend because it only takes one company to create more long-term damage. There could be a section that was not installed properly, or the individuals used low-quality products, leaving the roof vulnerable to damage.

Shingles that are Worn Out

Over time this issue happens naturally. The wearing down will occur as the shingles break down forming cracks and buildup of moisture that can get in your roof.

Water Pooling

If you have a roof that is not angled, this can make the area more susceptible to have water buildup. Unfortunately, in these cases, if the moisture is not built away, it can cause rotting in the structure.

roofing in San Jose, CA

Damage in the Structure

The last concern is damage of the support that is under the roof. This situation can degenerate the integrity of the entire home structurally. Signals to look for would be buckle or tilted tiles.

What do you Do?

It may be difficult to tell if you need a complete replacement or just different sections in any of these cases. It also depends on the age of the roof and the level of damage that is being experienced. In some cases, total replacement is the best choice for the situation.


A Company you Can Count On

There is no doubt that roof replacement is a big decision you do not want to take lightly. It can be an expensive experience, so you want to know exactly what repairs need to be completed. Understanding what your budget is and having the support to make the proper decision is a priority.

Cal-Pac Roofing is a local and professional company that’s been in business for over 40 years. We offer installation and complete roof replacement while working alongside our clients to create an experience that provides peace of mind. If you have noticed some leaks or need some repairs and are looking for roofing in San Jose, Ca, get in touch with us because we are here to help. Give us a call today to set up your free consultation.

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