Metal Roofs Come With Many Benefits, Including Saving You Money and Here’s How

Metal roofing in San Jose, CA

Metal roofing in San Jose, CA, is becoming more common, and this is because the material offers many different benefits. If this is your first time getting a replacement, you might wonder if it’s the right choice because many factors need to be considered. Metal roofing is designed to meet the homeowner’s needs, so let’s look at five ways this system can save you money.

Long Lasting

Traditional roofing materials will wear out between 15 and 20 years, even with proper care and maintenance. However, metal roofing is built to last 50 years or longer, even in extreme weather conditions. This means fewer replacements in the lifetime you own your home, which puts more money in your pocket.

High Return on Investment

More homeowners are now choosing to install metal because of all its perks. So, if you’re planning on selling your home soon, this option can give you a higher return on investment because the buyers will know they don’t have to do a replacement anytime soon.


Being eco-friendly is at the top of the list for most individuals, and with over 11 million tons of shingles that go into landfills, each year comment makes sense to choose a different option. Most metal roofing is made from between 20 and 90% of recycled material, and once it’s time for a replacement, you don’t have to worry about yours becoming more waste.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is also a popular topic, and metal roofing is one of the most efficient choices. Not only does it have exceptional insulation properties, but a special coating can be applied to it to help reflect the sunlight resulting in 40 to 50% less heating and cooling costs throughout the year. The biggest consideration is the color of the roofing material because the darker the color, the more heat it retains, making it less efficient.

Elemental Resistance

One of the key ways to save money on roofing is choosing products that don’t need repairs or replacements as often. So, another way metal roofs contribute is by being highly resistant to exterior elements. Weather conditions can wreak havoc, and unlike asphalt, the metal systems are designed to resist water penetration and can bear extra weight with heavy snow loads. In addition, they are also resistant to heat and can withstand winds moving up to 140 miles an hour, making them an excellent choice for areas with higher levels of extreme weather.

Metal roofing in San Jose, CA

Your Locally Owned and Trusted Experts for Installations

As you can see, metal roofing in San Jose, CA, is the best choice for helping you to save money on your installation and is a long-term investment for your home. Choosing a professional that understands all the logistics required for a successful installation is crucial, and we are here to help you. We have been providing exceptional services for our community for over 40 years and are here to answer all your questions, so contact us today.

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