Looking for a Metal Roofing Company? Here are some Question to Ask

roofer in Santa Clara, CA

Putting a roof on your home is no small feat, and it can be a quite expensive investment that you do not want to be left to just anyone. Trying to find a qualified roofer in Santa Clara, CA, does not have to be a complex process if you know what questions to ask to narrow down the right choice. Here are a few things that you can consider to give you a better idea of the company you’re interviewing to know if they are the right choice.

What do the Reviews Say?

Google has become a prime source for information on companies, and this is no different when it comes to finding a reputable option to do your roofing installation. When looking at the Google reviews, you will want to make sure that if there are any negative reviews, the company or individual has tried to resolve these positively.

In addition to this, it is also good to check their website to make sure that they are releasing current and updated content about their company. This could be done through a regularly updated blog or even do-it-yourself educational videos to help their customers. Both show that the company cares about its business and its clients.

Are they Licensed?

The last thing you want is someone working on your home that doesn’t have the correct insurance or licenses. A roof replacement is a specific kind of job that requires training and needs to be done by qualified and experienced. You also want to avoid anyone asking you to do the job in cash because this could be a way of getting out of the licensing and them not being held accountable if there are any issues.

Questions to Ask

You can also ask a few questions that can help you decide if you want to work with the company or individual, and here, they are.

  • How long have you been in business?
  • Do you have any completed projects available for viewing?
  • Are there any past customers to speak to?
  • How are they going to keep your property safe?
  • How long will the project take?
  • Are you able to provide a transparent pricing list?
  • What kind of training does the crew have, and do they understand the manufacturer’s warranty on the chosen material?

roofer in Santa Clara, CA

Your Professional and Experienced Choice

Finding the right contractor might take some time, but we always recommend researching to find an experienced company and to avoid any issues that might come with someone else. You also want to work with a company that you know understands the intricacies and the material when it comes to doing the installation on your home.

We are locally owned, and our experience is unmatched when it comes to stone-coated steel roofing systems. We offer installations and repairs, so if you’re looking for a roofer in Santa Clara, CA, we have you covered. Contact us today to schedule your appointment or if you have any questions.

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