Knowing When to Replace Your Gutters is Crucial, so Here are Five Signs it’s Time to Call a Professional

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Gutters can be something that’s out of sight or out of mind, and in most cases, you won’t pay much attention to them until it’s time to clean them out or an issue arises. There are several signs that they will give when it’s time to consider contacting a Sunnyvale, CA, roofing company for replacement, so we have listed them here to help you with the process.

You See Damages

The first indicator of a problem is if you see damage in the system. This could be rust, holes, or cracks, and while they can be patched with sealant, this is a temporary solution. If the damage is more extensive, attempting to fix them could be more costly over time, so consider investing in a replacement.

The System is Sagging

If you notice the gutters are beginning to pull away from the home, sag, or bow, this is an indicator that the brackets are loose, directly affecting how the system drains. It could also appear as gaps between the attached pieces of the system; if any are separated, this will result in leaks. While you may be able to take care of this in a DIY project, it could also indicate a larger issue add had.

The Water Isn’t Draining Properly

If you’ve experienced a rain storm and you’re noticing the water is pooling or spilling over the top of the system, this is a reason for concern. The gutter system is not supposed to pool water; it must flow through the downspout and away from home. If the water is pooling, this creates extra pressure on the gutter system and can indicate you have a blockage somewhere.

Your Landscaping is Getting Damaged

While your landscaping needs efficient water to thrive, too much can create damage. If you’re noticing areas in your lawn where extra moisture is collecting, the system is not routing the water to the specific location it’s intended to go. It is recommended to contact a professional for an inspection.

Your Foundation is Suffering

Foundations with your home can also arise if too much moisture gets into the soil under your property. Faulty gutters can create puddles that will get absorbed and cause the foundation to break or shift if left unaddressed for an extended period.

Sunnyvale, CA, roofing company

Hardware is Ending up on Your Lawn

Different types of hardware are used in the gutter system, including screws and nails. While this doesn’t always immediately mean the gutter system, it indicates that some part is breaking down, so do a thorough inspection to ensure your property is in good condition.

Your Locally Trusted Roofing Experts

Proper gutter maintenance means regular cleanings and inspections, tightening hardware, and any damages addressed quickly can help increase their durability. However, if it is time for a new system and you need a reputable Sunnyvale, CA, roofing company, we have you covered. We are locally owned and trusted and take great pride in offering exceptional services for our clients, so contact us today For more information.

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