Do You Need to Get a New Roof? Consider Buying a Metal Roof

roofing in San Jose, CA

Is your current roof the worse for wear? If your roof needto be replaced, it’s best not to postpone the project for too long. When you start to do some preliminary research to figure out what type of roof to get, you’ll see that there are lots of options for roofing in San Jose, CA. But just because there are lots of roofing systems available doesn’t mean they’re all equal. 


If you really want the best roof money can buy, you need to purchase a metal roof. Here’s why. 


Tough as…Metal 

One of the benefits of getting a metal roofing system is that it’s going to be extremely durable. In fact, it’s not uncommon to find metal roofs, such as stone-coated metal roofing systems, that come with a warranty of up to 50 years. You’ll never get a warranty of that duration with an asphalt roof. So if you want the best roof that money you can buy – one that will last for decades – you should contact a roofing company to ask them about getting a metal roof for your home. 


Keep Wildlife Outdoors 

It might be nice to see the squirrels, birds, and racoons scampering about outside while you’re seated on the back deck. But chances are you don’t want them on your roof – or in your attic. But with some roofing systems, like asphalt, wildlife can sometimes find a way to claw their way inside your home. You won’t have to worry about such a nightmare scenario if you get a metal roof. They might scamper across it – but there’s no way they’ll be able to burrow through it. 

roofing in San Jose, CA

Higher Property Value 

Another reason why it makes sense to get a metal roof, even though it will cost more than other types of roofing systems, is that it will translate into a higher property value. There are no two ways about it. Metal roofs, especially a stone-coated metal roof, are the crème de la crème of roofing systems. They are aesthetically pleasing, will make your home more energy efficient, come in a wide array of beautiful colors, and will last up to half a century. You will be able to enjoy the property more as a homeowner. And if you opt to sell your home down the road, you’ll benefit by being able to command a higher sale price.  


When you need help from San Jose, CA roofing company, we’re here to help. We offer stone-coated steel roofing systems, which are vastly superior to other types of roofing products. We’ve helped many homeowners in Northern California over the years to get the roofs they need for their homes. We offer a 50-year warranty, a hailstone-penetration warranty, fire-resistant materials, a 120-mph wind warranty, and more. We’re the experts when it comes to stone-coated steel roofing, so get in touch by phone or visit our office when you need our helpA metal roof will cost more than other types of roofing systems, but the benefits add up as well. You’ll see that the premium cost is well worth it for you as a homeowner. 

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