Consider These Stone-Coated Steel Roofs

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When it’s time to replace your roof, one option you can consider is a stone-coated steel roof system. Stone-coated steel roofs are a great option if you want something durable, fire-resistant, and aesthetically pleasing. There are various kinds of stone-coated roofing systems that Sunnyvale CA roofing companies offer but it’s important to know not all options will work well with your home or business because they have different features depending on what style of building material was used when constructing them – so make sure before choosing!

Key Takeaways:

A stone-coated metal roof is a popular and efficient option when you are looking to replace your roof. The leading Northern California-based roofer offers three types of stone-coated steel roofs, each with pros and cons.

  • Barrel Vault Tile is a good option if you’re looking for a roofing product that enhances your residence’s curb appeal. It offers Class-4 Hail Impact Resistance, Hurricane Wind Performance Rating, Lightweight design perfect for Reroofing, Transferable 50-Year Limited Warranty, and Class A Fire Rating.
  • Cottage Shingle is a good option if you’re looking for a clean, classic mid-profile shingle look. It also offers the same features that Barrel Vault Tile does. 
  • Pine Crest Shake is engineered to replicate hand-split wood shake with the durability of steel and it has the same features as Barrel Vault Tile and Cottage Shingle.

What is a Stone-Coated Steel Roof?

A stone-coated steel roof is a type of metal roof that has a stone chip coating. Stone chips are usually made from a variety of materials, including asphalt, slate, or clay. The stone chips are applied to the metal roofing sheets in a factory, and the sheets are then shipped to the job site and installed. Stone-coated steel roofs are considered to be some of the most durable types of roofs available, and they can last for decades with proper maintenance. They are also resistant to fire, wind (can withstand winds of up to 120 miles per hour), and hail, making them an ideal choice for homeowners in areas that experience severe weather conditions.

3 Types of Stone-Coated Steel Roofing Products to Consider

Whether you are looking for a new roof or want to replace your old one, the leading Northern California-based roofer is here. They offer three different types of stone-coated steel roofs, each having its pros and cons. It’s important to know which one is best for you before making your decision and learn the identity of this roofer as well!

1. Barrel Vault Tile

If you get stone-coated steel roofing of the Barrel Vault Tile variety, you’ll get a roofing product that enhances your residence’s curb appeal. But such a roofing product is about more than just good looks. It offers other important features such as the following:

  • Class-4 Hail Impact Resistance
  • Hurricane Wind Performance Rated
  • Lightweight, perfect for Reroofing
  • Transferable 50-Year Limited Warranty
  • Class A Fire Rated

It’s also available in a wide array of colors such as Barcelona, Barclay, Charcoal, Dover, Santa Fe, Spanish Red, Sunset Gold, and Timberwood.

2. Cottage Shingle

You should consider a Cottage Shingle stone-coated steel roofing system if you’re looking for a clean, classic mid-profile shingle look. It offers the same features that the Barrel Vault Tile offers. As for colors, it’s available in Barclay, Charcoal, Ironwood, and Timberwood.

3. Pine-Crest Shake

The type of roofing product is engineered to replicate hand-split wood shake with the durability of steel, and it has the same features that the Barrel Vault Tile and the Cottage Shingle have. You can get them in colors like Barclay, Charcoal, Country Blend, Gold River, Ironwood, and Timberwood.

If you’re looking for a stone-coated steel roofing system for your home, these 3 products will fit the bill. They’re engineered to withstand all the weather systems that Northern California is known for. So why would you trust any other roofing product on your home?

Why Should I Get a Stone-Coated Metal Roof?

Families across the globe are increasingly choosing stone-coated steel roofs for their homes. This roofing material has a number of benefits, especially during extreme summer and winter months. stone coated steel roofs are made of thick steel panels that are covered in stone chips. This combination makes the roof extremely durable and able to withstand high winds and heavy rains. The stone chips also help to reflect sunlight, keeping the house cooler during hot summer days. In contrast, during the winter months, the stone chips absorb heat from the sun, helping to keep the house warmer. As a result, stone-coated steel roofs can help to reduce energy bills all year round. In addition, this type of roofing is available in a variety of colors and styles, making it easy to find a look that suits any home. For all these reasons, it’s no wonder that stone coated steel roofs are becoming increasingly popular among families across the globe.


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In case you haven’t guessed it yet, the leading stone-coated roofing system provider in Northern California is none other than Cal-Pac Roofing. We’re not only Northern California’s most experienced stone-coated steel roofing contractor, but also the company that introduced stone-coated steel roofing systems to the United States over 30 years ago. What makes our roofing products the right fit for your residence is that they not only are aesthetically appealing but also incredibly durable. Our stone-coated metal roofing systems are the best in the industry, which is why we’re the only Sunnyvale, CA roofing company you need in your corner. We also offer metal roof repair, gutters, and screens, so you can consider us your one-stop shop when you either need a new roof or need your existing roof repaired. Give us a call or visit us in person to learn more about why your next roof should be a stone-coated steel roof. We’re here to answer your questions, let you know your options, and to get you the right roofing system for your home.

Metal Roofing FAQs

How Long Do Roofs Last in California?

The average lifespan of a roof in California is about 20-25 years. However, the life expectancy of a roof can be shortened by factors like poor installation, exposure to extreme weather conditions, and lack of maintenance.

What Tools Does a Roofer Need?

A professional roofer needs a variety of tools to properly do their job. This includes ladders, shingle cutters, hammers, screwdrivers, and pliers. They will also need a nail gun and an air compressor if they plan on asphalt shingles. In addition, they should have a level, a tape measure, and a chalk line to ensure that their work is even and level. Chemical solvents may also be needed to remove old roofing materials. Last but not least, safety equipment is essential for any roofer. This includes gloves, masks, eye protection, safety harnesses, fall arrest systems, and heavy-duty shoes or boots.

How Much Does Stone-Coated Metal Roofs Weigh?

Stone-coated steel roofs are a popular choice for homes because they weigh only 1.4 lbs per square foot, making them lighter than wet wood shakes or composition shingles that can be up to 10 pounds heavier each depending on the material used by the manufacturer! You won’t need any extra engineering and reinforcing when installing these lightweight panels over most existing types of roofs either – just make sure it’s been done before you start installing your new Boral Panel installation process so nothing gets damaged during transport and installation.

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