4 Reasons Why Your Next Roof Should be a Metal Roof

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When your existing roof nears the end of its lifecycle and you need to get it replaced pronto, what are your options for roofing in San Jose, CA? There are lots of different types of roofing materials ranging from asphalt to slate, clay to concrete, and rubber slate to stone-coated steel. While metal is usually more costly than other types of roofing materials, however, there are reasons why the premium is worth it. Here are 4 reasons why a metal roof makes a lot of sense.

1. Durability

Metal roofs are incredibly durable and will stand the test of time. If you get an asphalt roof, you’ll have to replace it again should you remain in the same home for the long haul. But with a metal roof, you won’t have to redo it ever again. A metal roof will be able to handle whatever Mother Nature throws at it, which means that your stone-coated steel roof will continue to look great year after year and decade after decade. All you’ll have to do is get it cleaned up occasionally.

2. Critter-Proof

You’ve no doubt heard about cases of rodents, raccoons, or other critters getting onto asphalt roofs, burrowing through the shingles, hacking away at the plywood underneath, and breaking into the attics. You won’t have to worry about such a scenario if you have a metal roof. Even if critters get onto your roof, they won’t be able to break in and wreak havoc.

3. No Unwanted House Plants

Have you ever seen unwanted house plants — like fungus and moss — growing on either your roof or someone else’s roof? It’s not a pretty sight — that much is certain. It’s also important to know that these unwanted house plants not only are eyesores but also are damaging to the extent that they can considerably lessen the lifespan of a roof if the issue isn’t rectified quickly. You won’t have to worry about the growth of fungus and moss if you have a metal roof. The reason is that fungus and moss don’t affect metal roofing.

4. Higher Home Valuation

One of the best reasons to get a metal roof, such as a stone-coated steel roof, is the benefit of a higher home valuation. You’ll be able to command more for your residence should you put it on the market. Consider that many homebuyers want something that’s move-in ready. When they realize that the roof is something they won’t have to worry about changing, they’ll be hooked.

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