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When you’re looking for a good metal roofing contractor in Los Gatos, it’s important to fully understand what you’re looking for to make sure the professional you hire can provide the exact look and style that you want. Metal roofing comes in a wide range of looks and styles, and the long list of positive attributes that comes with this type of roofing tile makes it easy to see why the roofing is popular throughout northern California. This type of roofing can put up with any type of weather pattern or natural disaster that can be found in the San Jose area, whether it is wind, fire, water, or snow. Metal tile roofing looks good and can fit in with any of the neighborhoods in the Los Gatos area.

You want a house that looks great to match the local area. Whether you have a perfect view of the Santa Cruz Mountains, are located by locally famous Vasona Park, or the El Sombroso range towards the southern part of Los Gatos. Los Gatos is a very affluent area within Silicon Valley and you want a home that matches. Even in a nice neighborhood like the kind you can often find in Los Gatos, adding metal roofing can increase the value of the home.

What Does Metal Roofing Bring to the Table?

If you talk to any metal roofing contractors in the Los Gatos area, you’ll know just how popular this type of roofing material is and there are many good reasons for it. Not all roofing contractors use metal roofing materials, and in fact many times there are specialists who focus just on one. The metal roofing contractors in Los Gatos and the other surrounding San Jose areas know exactly what type of roofing will be perfect for your particular situation. You don’t want to settle for a lesser product when metal roofing may provide you the best options available.

So Just What Exactly is Metal Roofing?

You need to make sure that you understand what your options are when it comes to high quality metal roofing. This isn’t metal sheets. Metal sheeting and metal roofing are not the same things at all and when you talk about high end metal roofing options. These often look just as good or even better than their ceramic or asphalt counterparts.

What are Some of My Roofing Options?

There is absolutely no question that roofing is an important topic and you want to know what your options are when it comes to purchasing from Los Gatos metal roofing contractors. You want something that look beautiful but gives you the full range of protection. One of the amazing things about the steel roofing is just how long it will last: often for four, five, or even six decades. For most people this is a lifetime’s worth when looking at how long they’ll will actually stay in that same house.

You need a look that makes your home stand out while not clashing with the Los Gatos neighborhoods. Three popular choices for actual tile design include:

  • Pacific Shake
  • Pacific Tile
  • Villa Tile

Why Look for a Los Gatos Metal Roofing Contractor?

You want to support local businesses while dealing with professionals who know and understand your home and the local area. They can make the smart choices to help guide you with expert opinions on the style, color, and specific roofing tile to use in order to make things come together the way you envision it in your head.

What are Some of the Positive Points of Los Gatos Metal Roofing?

When talking to any good metal roofing contractor in Los Gatos you’ll hear the laundry list of reasons that this type of metal roofing is the way to go. Just a few of the most popular reasons include:

  • The durability to last for decades
  • Extremely wear and weather resistant, keeping bright colors over decades
  • Adds value to your home
  • Makes the home more energy efficient, thus saving on utility bills over the years and possibly even qualifying for a rebate or tax credit.
  • Very long term warranty in most cases
  • Looks just as good as ceramic or asphalt while lasting far longer
  • Fire proof
  • Wind and hail resistant
  • Saves major money in the long term, although the initial cost up front might be a little higher.

Do Any Los Gatos California Metal Roofing Contractors Sell SteelRock?

This is a very important question because if you are going to do something, you want to do it right and if you are looking at the type of high quality metal roofing tiles then it’s hard to argue against SteelRock being absolute top of the line. While you may have to look around a bit to make sure you’re getting the absolute top of the line materials, the good news is that there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to find contractors offering these products right in Los Gatos and the surrounding San Jose area.

Are There Any Concerns?

Most concerns about metal roofing stem from a misunderstanding of what it is or from customers who have never seen it up close (or don’t realize they have before). When you’re talking to a true professional metal roofing contractor from Los Gatos you won’t have to worry about a substandard product. Metal tiling looks just as good or even better that most asphalt, bamboo, clay, or ceramic options and will last years or decades longer while maintaining its high quality look.

This roofing can stand up to everything Mother Nature can throw at it, and not even wildfires will be a concern as this roofing is fire proof. While it is more expensive up front, over the long term the comparisons aren’t even close as metal roofing ends up being the much better deal in the long run. Whatever other questions you may have, you will be able to get clear answers and great guidance from any steel roofing specialists in the Los Gatos area.

Metal Roofing FAQs

What Is the Typical Lifespan of a Metal Roof?

Depending on the material used, a metal roof's lifespan can vary. Generally speaking, it can last 30 to 50 years. Certain high-quality metal roofs might even endure longer.  

During Hailstorms or Rain, Is Metal Roofing Noisy?

No. Contrary to popular belief, when it rains or hails, metal roofs are not noisier than other roofing materials. A properly insulated attic and enough attic space help reduce noise.


Is It Possible to Attach a Metal Roof Over My Current Shingles?

Yes, in a lot of situations it is possible. But to evaluate your particular scenario, it's imperative that you speak with a roofing professional. Costs associated with removal can be reduced by installing over existing roof shingles, but factors including weight and roof condition must be considered.

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