How to Inspect Your Roof After a Storm

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If you’ve lived in Northern California for any length of time, you no doubt already know that the region gets all kinds of weather. Sure, the weather is nice and balmy for a large chunk of the year. But the area also experiences some inclement weather systems from time to time. Bad weather, which may include torrential rain or high winds, can wreak havoc on your home. So it’s important to check your roof after a bad storm. Call a Campbell, CA roofer if you need help.

Here are some tips to help you inspect your roof after an adverse weather system touches down. Again, you can always get in touch with a roofer if you’re uncomfortable about doing it yourself.

Inspect the Shingles

Take a look at the shingles. An eye test might be sufficient. But depending on how high your home is and how your roof is built, it might mean getting up on a ladder. High winds can do a number on the shingles. Check to see if any have lifted out of place, have been damaged, or have been ripped off by the wind and cast to your yard. You will want to replace damaged or missing shingles as soon as possible to prevent any problems.

Check for Objects on Roof

You’ll also want to ensure that no objects have been tossed onto your roof by the wind. So identify things like tree branches and other debris that might be resting on your roof. Over time, these objects can compromise the integrity of your roofing structure. If you don’t feel comfortable retrieving things from your roof on your own, have someone do it for you. The main thing is to have them removed so that your roof is free from obstructions or foreign objects.

Inspect Other Components of Roof

You no doubt already know that your roof includes not only shingles, but also things like fascia, ridge caps, ridge vents, soffits, and chimney. You’ll want to ensure that all these things are in good repair. If you notice any structural issues, don’t hesitate to find a roofing company to come by and assess the situation.

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